Residential Trips

During the school year all children will take part in both  trips off the school premises and workshops (in school). These are linked to curriculum topics and are designed to enrich the learning taking place in the classroom.

Whilst our residential trips will reflect classroom learning they also provide children with an opportunity for personal growth and development. We offer residential trips for the junior department during the Summer term. Year 3 have one night trip, year 4 a two night trip, year 5 a three night trip and 6 a week away.

Trips planned for 2022 - 2023 


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term



Nower Wood  

Year 1


Nower Wood

Littlehampton Beach

Year 2

WKSP - Great Fire of London


Nower Wood

Arundel Castle

Year 3


Swimming - TBC

Science Museum


RESIDENTIAL - Sayers Croft

 Year 4

Butser Ancient Farm

Bikeability Training Level 1

Winchester Science Museum

RESIDENTIAL - Dorchester

Year 5

  WKSP - Greeks

Juniper Hall Field Centre

RESIDENTIAL - Grittleton House

Year 6


Workshop - 40's Homefront

Junior Citizen


RESIDENTIAL - Shropshire

Bikeability Level 2

Leavers Day


Autumn Term - Skipping Workshop across 2 days

                            Year 5 / 6 STEM day 4 October

                            Pied Piper Theatre - Friday 2 December Reception to Year 3



Spring/Summer Term   "Grow A Meal" Workshop from Grow Cook Enjoy!


Bikeability and Pedals

We give children the opportunity to develop their cycling and road safety skills through this government approved scheme.

Year 2 does Pedals, an introduction to cycling. Children can take part in this whether they are confident on 2 wheels or still using stabilisers. This will happen during the summer term.

Year 4 does Bikeability level 1, on the junior playground, focusing on controlling the bike and improving balance. This will happen during the summer term.

Year 6 does Bikeability level 2 on the roads around the school, focusing on how to keep safe cycling on roads with cars and lorries and beginning to understand the Highway Code. This will take place during the two weeks at the beginning of September.

Swimming - Year 3

All the children in Year 3 go to the Leatherhead Leisure Centre for weekly 30 minute swimming lessons, led by swimming instructors. They go 1 class at a time and there are 3 instructors working with each class, which is divided into ability groups. There are 10 sessions and transport to and from the Leisure Centre is by coach.

This year the first session is on Wednesday, 9th January and the final session is on Wednesday, 20th March