Our Curriculum

At West Ashtead Primary Academy, we are dedicated to nurturing a lifelong love of learning in our pupils by providing a rich and creative curriculum. Through a highly practical approach to learning, we prioritise the holistic development of each child. The National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage Framework serve as the foundation for our curriculum, which is further enriched by our LEO Pupil Outcomes and our vision of Learning, Excellence, and Opportunity.

We design our curriculum to prepare our children for the ever-changing world. Technology plays a crucial role in enhancing learning, and we continuously strive to deliver excellence in technological advancements. The curriculum is carefully planned to ensure clear progression in knowledge and skills for each subject as children progress through the school's phases. Children revisit and build upon previously taught concepts, fostering connections between old and new learning, as well as across individual subjects. The academic achievement, well-being, and character development of our learners are at the heart of our curriculum, and we regularly review our offerings to ensure they remain relevant, engaging, and challenging for all.

We recognise each child as a unique individual with their own personal learning journey. Children develop a mindset that views learning as limitless, acknowledging that we are all continuous learners. We embrace and celebrate the diversity within our school community. We consistently provide enhancement opportunities to engage learning, believing that school should be a happy, investigative, and inspiring time in every child's life, where curiosity knows no bounds and our pupils cultivate a genuine thirst for knowledge. We are passionate about providing our pupils with enriching experiences both within and beyond the classroom to enhance their curriculum and overall schooling experience.

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