Extra-Curricular Clubs

Along with LEO Staff, the school has a number of companies that provide fee paying clubs. 

Please select a provider for further information and to download their booking forms.


Please see the attached timetable



Harmonix Choir

Jam Coding

Jam Coding will be running a club to show children how to code and build their very own computer games.

This Web Development Workshop will show children how to design and create their own website. Working in teams, our web developers will have fun planning and construction and engaging websites based on a topic that they are interested in.

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Kiko Soccer School

At Kiko Soccer Schools our aim is to inspire and develop the individual through our coaching style. Our unique training programme along with methods used at Barcelona FC, enable children of all ages to quickly learn to manipulate the ball, build up skills and grow in confidence.

Our focus is to nurture the individual then develop the footballer.

Over the last 7 years, over 3500 children have attended our sessions ranging from 18 months to 18 years with some of our most talented boys moving to professional football academies. With a team of coaches ranging from professional footballers to experts in pre-school development, Kiko Soccer Schools offers children the opportunity to learn not just fantastic football skills but social skills that will be the building blocks for their future careers.

Football - Kiko Soccer School

For Years 1 - 6, football for all abilities. Focusing on technique and fun football games.

Book direct via www.kikosoccerschools.com/westashtead


London TDK

The London TKD School Clubs are an exciting children's martial arts programme at the cutting edge of character building and life skills development.

Throughout the term, students will learn a variety of self-defence techniques, specifically designed for realistic situations that children find themselves in.

These classes also help develop a positive attitude through learning, meditation, mindfulness and confidence building exercises.



WhyDontyou Drama

West Ashtead Drama Club:  A mixed class for children in Years 4 - 6. Exploring performance through games, improvisation, and scripts. The children learn important skills for speaking and performing in public. There is also the opportunity to progress to take LAMDA exams in speech and drama.'


'My daughter has been taking LAMDA classes with Hannah for about a year now and it’s been so helpful in building her confidence to speak in public, and to learn to enjoy performing. She’s really loving working with Hannah and the other kids, finding pieces to work on and develop her own style…  So glad that they have the opportunity to do this at school.'


"They have been invaluable for her self-confidence. Thank you so much.'