Restorative Approaches

At West Ashtead we strive for high standards of behaviour. We aim to provide a happy, secure and purposeful learning environment. We encourage our students to understand the need for good manners, respect for others and themselves, resilience and self-discipline, and to take responsibility for their own learning and actions. 

We use Restorative Approaches to encourage and support good behaviour and choices and to help children recognise that they can manage their own behaviour. 

Restorative Approaches is:

discussion based system which follows a structure that gives both parties an opportunity to tell their story ,individually and to each other time for them to reflect on how they and the other person feel a chance to consider how they could have handled the situation better

leads to a resolution agreed by both parties and with which they are both happy.

 We aim for children to make all situations a learning opportunity and to be able to solve problems amicably or avoid them altogether. 

Restorative Approaches encourages:

Care and respect for yourself and others
Thinking through situations




Recognition of feelings and needs

Resolution which is longer lasting.

Restorative Approaches is a calm way to help children manage their behaviour and conflicts.